Argument Essay on Health Insurance


Over the course of the last few units, you have been working on crafting the argument for your Argument Essay. You will now write an argument essay that answers one of these questions.

The essay should answer the following question:

1. Should health insurance be mandatory for all American citizens?

The above question relates to the issue you have already written about in the Unit 5 Assignment: Argument Essay Introduction. Now, continue to build on that Argument Essay introduction to develop your full argument essay. Remember that the Argument Essay needs to focus on one side of this issue.

You should answer ONE of the above questions in a well-thought out and developed argument essay with:

  • A clear introduction that sets up the issue, explains your topics, and ends with your thesis statement.
  • Body paragraphs focusing on one topic in support of your argument in each paragraph.
  • You need three reliable and academic sources for this assignment in support of your argument. You should include evidence that is directly quoted, paraphrased, or summarized to support each topic. The evidence should have appropriate in- text citations.
    • You will typically want to include one piece of evidence in the body of each paragraph, as you did in the paragraph and pro/con assignment. You are not required to include a source about the counterargument (other side of your argument), but you may if you would like.
  • Then, end with a conclusion that wraps up your essay’s argument and leaves the reader

with something to consider about your issue.

  • Include a references page for the three sources you used in your essay.

Argument Essay and Third Person, Objective Writing

We have probably all had to argue for a position we held. What makes someone receptive to your argument? Normally, the audience is more willing to listen to your position if you argue for it objectively and avoid unreasonable, argumentative tactics. Your argument needs to be logical and fair, giving people the ability to disagree with you.

Your argument also should be written in the third person to show that you can be objective, meaning you use “He,” “she,” “they,” “people,” “one” and do not use “I,” “me,” “we,” “us,” “our,” “you,” and “your.”


  • Create an argument essay that answers ONE of the above questions.
  • You should have a well-articulated argument essay with an introduction, body paragraphs (with evidence), conclusion, and a references page.


  • Please submit a Microsoft Word document or PDF.
    • •     The essay should be three to four pages in length with an additional APA-style title and reference pages. The document should follow proper APA style formatting (Times New Roman, 12 font suggested) with 1-inch margins and double spaced.
    • Include three (3) sources in your essay that are reliable and academic.

o Make sure you have at least three (3) in-text citations where you have directly quoted, paraphrased, or summarized material from the sources. You will need corresponding references for each of these sources that match the in-text citations.

You need an introduction and conclusion for this essay. Remember the introduction sets up the essay and ends with the thesis statement. The conclusion sums up the essay and restates the thesis in a different way. The introduction and conclusion should not be exact replicas of each other.

Your body paragraphs should each focus on one topic that supports your argument.

  • Your writing should be free of punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors and contain appropriate word choice for an academic setting with clear sentence structure.

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