Applying Ethical Theories

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For this assignment you will identify a current ethical issue from those provided and suggest an approach to the issue that is consistent with each of three major ethical theories presented in this course (consequentialist, non-consequentialist, virtue). For example, if you are for allowing divorces, then you would present a deontologist perspective for justifying divorce, a utilitarian perspective for justifying it, and a virtue theorist perspective for justifying it. Additionally, pick one of the methods of justification and state why you prefer it over the other two.

Format & Expectations

The format will be a narrated PowerPoint presentation of 10-12 slides, and should include an introductory slide and a Works Cited slide following MLA Style. Keep in mind it is “works cited” and that mean you must cite the resource either on the slide or in the notes to justify listing the resource. If you are unable to add narration, be sure to add commentary in the notes section for each slide. DO NOT just read the slides if you narrate. The slides should contain bullets that are explained by you in the narration or the notes. Ideally, you will have bullets on the slides and your commentary as a transcript in the notes section. Note that you should be looking at a minute or less on each slide. If you submit a presentation where the narration is longer than 12 minutes, I will not listen to the whole thing.

minimum of 6 references are required, with 2 references per theoretical approach. NOTE, just like papers, there needs to be a citation ON the slide or IN the notes section to justify using it as a work cited.


Please select your topic from the following:

  • Abortion
  • Affirmative Action (as a way to fight discrimination)
  • Animal Rights
  • Civil Disobedience (should be encourages for right reasons or should be oppressed)
  • Genetic manipulation in babies
  • Euthanasia (specifically, for or against physician assisted suicide)
  • Poverty (need to work to eliminate or need to keep as part of an orderly society)
  • Terrorism (how to address it, who could argue for terrorism?)
  • War (necessary at times of should be avoided at all costs)

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