Applied Sciences

Discussion Board: Environmental Trends

Throughout this course, we will discuss several environmental trends that affect the HR function. Since each of you has a different experience, do the following in your first post:

Include a situation that illustrates one of the trends.

Distinguish which trend is present in the situation.

Explain how this trend may affect the HR functions.

Initial responses should be no less than 250 words in length not including your reference(s) and supported by at least two references (aside from the textbook) APA Format

Health Planning and Policy Management

Answer one of the two questions for this week’s discussion.

What experience have you had with healthcare planning issues? Note: If you do not have prior experience with healthcare planning issues, please answer the next question.

Discuss one major healthcare issue the U.S. is currently faced with today.

Heath Care Reform

This week we explored the challenges of cost and access as it relates to health care.

(1) What factors have led to increasing health care costs?

(2) What are some ways to control these costs? As you discuss solutions, please acknowledge potential criticisms of your proposal and offer counter-points for consideration.

You are also expected to reference the assigned readings while properly citing all sources. Initial posts should be at least 300 words in length (but less than 500 words)

Developing Group/Team Identity

After reading our Lesson in the Lesson section and reviewing the team building information in this week’s material, our forum this week centers on:

Developing Group Identity

Although team climate develops from how people perceive the interrelationships among the group members, a strong coach or leader can help influence the effective functioning of the group. Furthermore, research has shown that strong social support provided by a group has positive benefits, including aiding in physical and mental recovery. This exercise will allow you to think of some ways that you, as a group leader, can help a group establish a strong sense of group identity.


1. Imagine that you have just become the coach of a basketball team or that you are leading a group of clients in a cardiac rehabilitation program. You believe that things with the team or clients would go better if the group developed an identity.

2. In your initial post, describe specific ways you would help a group form a sense of group identity.

Developing Group Identity

a. Ways to enhance social support

b. Ways to increase proximity

c. Ways to increase group distinctiveness

d. Ways to create a perception of fairness

e. Ways to increase similarity

Initial responses should be no less than 300 words in length not including your reference(s) and supported by at least two references (aside from the textbook) APA Format

Individual Paper: Human Resource Management and Its Importance

This week we discussed the importance of HR functions to the organization. In this assignment, you are required to write a paper in which you:

Define human resource management.

Describe how HR has changed throughout the years.

Identify the importance of the HR functions to the organization (each one).


Submit a Word document to the digital drop box

The paper should be 1–3 pages long

Use 1″ margins (all around) and double space

Use Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12

Use APA format

Proposal for Issues Analysis Paper

During this week you will propose a topic for your week 7 Issue Analysis Paper. This week you, select a topic, issue or subject relating to sports psychology and collect and briefly summarize, in your own words (no copying allowed), 5 sources that will be used for writing this Issue Analysis Paper. If you have difficulty thinking of a topic, one suggestion is to review the table of contents/themes in our reading. Here, you will find key sport psychology issues that may lead you to a topic.

Your 5 sources must include a combination of scholarly research journals, internet, text, and other sources. Course reading materials are not allowed as references.

First: Identify your research idea with a short summary:

Second: list each source, a reference in APA Format, under each source, complete a paragraph describing the selected source and how it applies to your research topic.

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