Application Domain

  1. a) What are the major challenges faced in bringing data mining research to market? Illustrate one data mining research issue that, in your view, may have a strong impact on the market and on society. Discuss how to approach such a research issue.

b) Based on your view, what is the most challenging research problem in data mining? If you were given a number of years of time and a good number of researchers and implementers, can you work out a plan so that progress can be made toward a solution to such a problem? How?

General-purpose computers and domain-independent relational database systems have become a large market in the last several decades. However, many people feel that generic data mining systems will not prevail in the data mining market. What do you think? For data mining, should we focus our efforts on developing domain-independent data mining tools or on developing domain-specific data mining solutions? Present your reasoning.

2a) What are the major challenges of mining a huge amount of data (such as billions of tuples) in comparison with mining a small amount of data (such as a few hundred-tuple data set)?

b) Outline the major research challenges of data mining in one specific application domain, such as stream/sensor data analysis, spatiotemporal data analysis, or bioinformatics.

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