Antwone Fisher

Percent of total grade: 10%.

Individual or group assignment: individual.

Method of assignment submission: Blackboard.

**Make sure to include the following as a heading in your document:


Class section



After watching the movie: Antwone Fisher, (Denzel Washington, 2002), Write a 2-page paper where you discuss the following questions:

  • How might the therapist have violated the 5 main principal ethics? (beneficence, non Malifecence, autonomy, responsibility, and integrity)
  • What other ethical violations can we discuss here?
  • Is there any way that the therapist’s handling of the case is justifiable under the ACA, or APA codes? Why or why not?
  • What would you have done instead of the therapist if you were in their place?
  • One question we brainstorm as a class.

Answer the previously mentioned five questions in your assignment. You will be graded on adhering to my specific instructions.

Make sure to use times new roman as your font and 12 point font size.

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