Annual Precipitation

Question 1

Short answer. Answer one of the following, giving at least 5 examples:

a. What would the temperature of the planet be like without greenhouse gasses? What is a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide? Why are we concerned about anthropogenic increases in carbon dioxide?

b. Although both cities are coastal, New York City has a continental climate, while Seattle, Washington, has a maritime climate.Why? What difference does this make in terms of annual precipitation and temperature regimes for the two locations?

c. Hurricanes are among the most severe storms experienced on Earth. When a hurricane makes landfall in the southeastern United States, what impact might it have on coastal lands (geosphere), drainage networks (hydrosphere), and natural vegetation (biosphere)?

d. Winds and ocean currents change in the topical Pacific during an El Nino event. How might this impact the biosphere and geosphere in Peru and Ecuador? How about in Indonesia? (One useful Web site that deals with El Nino is NOAA’s El Nino Theme Page

Question 2


The capital budgeting process is dependent on the anticipated cash flows generated by a proposed capital project. Research the importance of the price to cash-flow ratio and the free-cash flow in making managerial and investment decisions.

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