Annotated Bibliography Critique

Annotated Bibliography

Objectives: Locate academic sources in the social sciences .

Evaluate academic sources o Summarize and critique academic sources

Review and practice APA style and documentation

An annotated bibliography allows a writer and/or researcher to view multiple perspectives on a common topic. The annotations verify a source’s relevance, accuracy, and overall use as a research tool.

The annotated bibliography contains three parts: (1) the citation, (2) the summary, and (3) the critique of the source.

Think of an annotated bibliography as a reference page with added notes. This means the sources on the annotated bibliography should be alphabetized. Below each citation entry, summarize and critique the source. The summary objectively presents the work’s main points, and the critique evaluates its use, its limitations, and its credibility. Structurally, the summary and critique are sometimes integrated into a single paragraph.

Assignment: For this assignment you will created an annotated bibliography of three academic sources centered around your course theme. These sources must all be from the social sciences, so be sure to use the proper research methods and tools. The annotated bibliography (AB) will focus on the social sciences, so please use APA style. When annotating sources, consider the author’s expertise on the topic, the currency of the article, use of illustrations (such as charts), and how effectively the source highlights the research theme.

Requirements: o 3 academic sources from the social sciences o APA citation preceding each annotation o Annotations of 100-200 words, to include summary and critique o APA style/documentation—including a cover sheet and running header o Times New Roman, 12-point font o Double-spaced

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