Ancient History Studies

Answer the following question as completely as possible. Be sure you have answered all parts of the essay and have thoroughly explained your answers by telling how and why. Be sure you include all relevant dates and names. Use specific examples from your textbook and the class presentations to support your answers. Your essay should be 12 point font, double-spaced, must be uploaded as a .doc or .docx file type (i.e. a Microsoft Word document or you will earn late penalties until submitted as the correct file type), and will be evaluated using Turn It In for any instances of plagiarism. Also, be sure you proof-read your essay for clarity, typos, and grammar errors.

Essay Question:

Describe the development of society in one region which we have studied this semester (i.e. China, India, Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, or Africa). Be sure your answer discusses at least two civilizations or dynasties from your chosen region that were discussed in class presentations and your textbook. The civilizations that you choose to discuss should be from different time periods (i.e. in different presentations and in different units) so they show how the society in the region changed over time.

How did government and religion change in this society from the start of our class until the end? Was this civilization generally stable or were there frequent changes in government? Did people practice the same religion in this region the entire time period we covered this semester (i.e. 6000 BC to around 1500 CE)? If not, then compare the different religions practiced. How were they similar or different? How did the lives of common people change from early civilizations to 1500 CE in this region? What were the cultural contributions of people during each time period and how did they contribute? Give as many specific examples as you can, including names and dates.

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