American Recovery

1) In our world, something with the greatest heat capacity is able to:

A) evaporate the most water from its surface.

B) retain its heat the longest.

C) insulate the best.

D) reflect the greatest amount of sunshine.

2) Which of the following is not an ocean-atmosphere oscillation?

A) North Atlantic Oscillation

B) Hawaiian Oscillation

C) Interdecadel Pacific Oscillation

D) El Nino Southern Oscillation

3) Which one of the following principles of smart-growth will most likely result in less commuting for all residents?

A) have states purchase open spaces

B) set physical boundaries on urban sprawl

C) build new homes and stores on existing abandoned or brownfield urban properties

D) promote the integration of homes, stores, light industry, and professional offices

4) According to the U.S. Sprawlometer, the most sprawling and congested area is:

A) New York.

B) Los Angeles.

C) Greensboro, NC.

D) Riverside, CA.

5) The Obama administration has moved to combat urban sprawl through the:

A) Clean Air Act.

B) Clean Water Act.

C) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


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