American Laws

Question 1

In further analyzing PCI DSS, and without necessarily homing in on Kentucky stakeholders, what other American laws or regulations might relate to, implicate, or otherwise find a nexus with PCI DSS? Here, the audience needs to understand, as you will, that PCI DSS does not operate in a vacuum. Rather, like most of what we’ll learn in ISOL 633, there are numerous laws, regulations, and other governing principles that interact with PCI DSS to form an overall governance model.

content should atleast 5 to 10 pages

no plagarism

PPT atleast 12 pages

APA format 100%

Question 2

A new virus has been identified. This virus seems to spread show up in patients that recently had invasive procedures. The health care regulatory agencies want to make it a law that all clinical staff working with invasive procedures must be vaccinated for this virus.

How does this request become law? How are ethical concerns handled when making decisions such as forcing health care workers to get a vaccination? Write a minimum of 2 page paper with at least 2 references with APA formatting.



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