American Airlines


A.Read Organization: American Airlines via the article below:……

1/ Read eBook – Chapter 6 of The Power (check attached file)

of Framing Creating the Language of Leadership (G A I L T. FAIRHURST) and

2/ Read Ebook: Public Relations Writing: Persuasive and Audience Focused

Chapter 6 (Page and Parnell) via link:

B. Make connections between the concepts/theories from two above Ebooks and framework for how they might be applied to your organization. You might ponder how a theory/concept could be used to improve your organization’s strategic communication efforts. (2 Pages)

1. identifies the organization

2. provides a high-level overview of the rationale of selecting the company offers an analysis of its current state include specific strategies to pivot the organization into the future state

Describe how the strategy supports the mission of the organization

Reference any needed resources and suggest metrics



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