Algorithm Vulnerabilities

Question 1


Describe a well-known example or personal experience of repudiation (please do not include specific names of organizations or people).

Writing Assignment:

In approximately 300 words, answer the question below.

Follow APA guidelines. Which of the following do you prefer most and why?


• STRIDE-per-Element

• STRIDE-per-Interaction


Question 2

This Laboratory Activity will explore the importance of network security environment. We will study the computer and network vulnerabilities and exploits particularly the following

  • The routing algorithm vulnerabilities: route and sequence number spoofing, instability and resonance effects,
  • TCP/UDP vulnerabilities.
  • ICMP redirect hazard: Denial of Service
  • ARP hazard: phantom sources, ARP explosions and slow links
  • Fragmentation vulnerabilities and remedies: (ICMP Echo overrun) (Please use attachment as guideline APA format)

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