Advanced Information Systems

Question 1: Building Envelope and Structural Investigations

Building facades required regular maintenance to prevent them from deteriorating and turning into a safety hazard. However, inspection and diagnostic of the building façade are increasingly challenging with increasing complexity of the façade systems.
(a) Select one of the following façade wall systems and discuss the possible causes lead to the defects of the selected façade system:
(i) Precast concrete/concrete/brick wall (base structure)
(ii) Plastered wall
(iii) Painted wall
(iv) Tiled wall
(v) Metal/stone cladding
(vi) Curtain wall
(15 marks)
(b) You are a qualified façade inspector engaged to conduct the façade inspection for a commercial building with glass curtain wall system. Formulate a proposal that outlining the procedures of your façade inspection for your client. (15 marks)
(c) The current practice for façade inspection using scaffold, gondola, boom lifts etc. are risky, tedious and costly method. In order to improve the efficiency and safety of the façade inspection, discuss how you can adopt innovative technologies as new façade inspection methods. (refer to News Article #1) (15 marks)

Question 2: The 3Ms – Maintenance, Management and Mitigation

(a) Explain the roles of building maintenance and the THREE (3) typical maintenance strategies (10 marks)
(b) Discuss the elements in asset management which are critical to improve performance facilities management and maintenance as part of sustainable development. (10 marks)
(c) Identify critical building elements and setting their performance standards are important in building management and maintenance. Recommend the FIVE (5) basic performance requirement of a building. (15 marks)
(d) The recent management and maintenance of the building are improved and enhanced with the availability of advanced information system and innovative technologies. Discuss how you can adopt advanced information system and innovative technologies in improving the management and maintenance of the building. (15 marks)

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