Administrative Offices

Question 4 

Provided that there is a substantial federal question, appeals from the highest court in a state may be heard in the U.S. ______.

Supreme Court

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

courts of appeals

district courts

Question 5 

The rule of four refers to the requirement that

at least four courts of appeals must join in a request for certification from the U.S. Supreme Court before it will exercise appellate jurisdiction.

all state court systems include at least four levels of courts.

a writ of certiorari from the U.S. Supreme Court must be supported by at least four justices.

only four cases of any one type may be heard by the US Supreme Court in one session.

Question 6 

For all intents and purposes, what determine the types of issues and cases the federal and state courts will hear?

presidents and governors

court clerks

administrative offices of the courts

Congress and the state legislatures

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