Actual Research Phase

Read the following case study about women’s clothing sizes at Jet and answer the question that follows.

Women’s clothing sizes: Jet
The marketing manager of Jet was conducting desk research to learn more about the latest trends in the international apparel retail sector and came across the following article:
A quarter of all ladies’ clothes sold in Europe in 2018 will be plus sizes, as the average woman in Europe has a fuller figure. A report has revealed that the market share of plus size clothing in the overall women’s wear market is increasing steadily, rising from 18.2% in 2012 to 25.3% in 2017 and is expected to increase around the world as well. It is forecasted that the sales of plus sizes will continue to grow over the next five years.
Many retailers, however not all, have already included a variety of plus size ranges in their product assortment, but there are still significant opportunities. While there is a large proportion in the plus size market that is made up of more senior shoppers demanding more classic designs, there is also an increasing demand for more fashionable plus size items for younger shoppers, who are currently underserved.
The manager of Jet has asked you, the manager of a leading marketing research company, to develop a research proposal for formal research that will aim to determine the average women size as well as whether this opportunity of introducing women plus sizes applies to Jet, and whether it will be beneficial to Jet. The manager of Jet has listed the following aspects that you, the researcher, should keep in mind when developing the research proposal:

  •  Jet has a large consumer database consisting of 10 million South African male and female shoppers;
  •  Jet would like all female shoppers (7 million of the 10 million) located in all 9 provinces of South Africa to have the same and equal chance of being selected as part of the sample of this study;
  •  In order for the sample to be sufficient and significant, a total of 5000 complete responses needs to be obtained with a level of error of 10%;
  •  Jet wants the obtained data from the structured questions and structured responses to be analysed in terms of statistics; and
  •  Jet have a complete database of all consumers’ contact details, including their e-mail addresses, and Jet would like the research company to use this information as part of their data collection instrument.

As indicated in the case study above, the manager of Jet needs you to develop a research proposal that will aim to determine the average women size as well as whether this opportunity of introducing women plus sizes applies to Jet and whether it will be beneficial to them.
You are the main researcher at a marketing research company that needs to assist Jet. Jet have approached your company to prepare a research proposal for the planned research that will be “to determine the average size of the Jet women shopper in South Africa”. You need to follow the “steps of a research proposal” as indicated in chapter 5 of your textbook and address each step based on the information provided in the case study. You will need to think “out of the box” and make sure that you use the theoretical content of marketing research correctly, based on the information provided in the case study. Jet have allocated an amount of R500 000 for the entire planned research study and the proposed research proposal should be submitted to Jet by 30 October 2018, but the actual research will be conducted over 6 months from (January 2019-June 2019).
Hint: Remember this is only a proposal; the actual research will only be conducted once Jet have approved this research proposal. The cost and time schedule will be based on the actual research phase after the proposal was approved by Jet.

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