Action Research

The paper needs to be only about 3 paragraphs with APA format and citations. Of the four educational paradigms below, which one seems most useful to you as a teacher? Explain why by providing at least three reasons.

ExperimentalNaturalisticCritical TheoryMixed methods
Quasi-experimentalPhenomenologicalNeo-MarxistMixed models
CorrelationalHermeneuticFeminist TheoriesParticipatory
Casual ComparativeSymbolic interactionCritical race theory
Randomized control trialsQualitativeParticipatory
Participatory action researchEmancipatory
Queer theory
Disability Theory
Action research
Human rights/equity focused


You are required to compose a substantive paper responding to the respective prompt for that discussion. Scholarly work that is commensurate for a Masters level program is the expectation. This includes the inclusion of references and resources in alignment with APA guidelines. Paper should be comprehensive in scope and highly responsive to the question. Moreover, this paper should be fully developed. APA style is correctly utilized including the use of in-text citations and references.

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