Acid Deposition Formation

Explain acid deposition. Your explanation should include the following:

The sources of acid deposition

The chemical equations involved in acid deposition formation

An explanation of the types of acid deposition

A discussion of the effects of acid deposition

A drawing that shows the sources, formation, and precipitation of acid deposition


In a discussion, a student makes the following statement regarding the cause of global warming: “The sun’s rays penetrate the atmosphere through the ozone hole and heat up the atmosphere and the surface, thereby causing global warming.” Is the student correct? Why or why not? In your response, briefly explain both phenomena. 


In 2008, Americans generated 250 million tons of nonhazardous municipal solid waste. Of that waste,

54.2 percent was discarded

33.2 percent was recovered

12.6 percent was burned with energy recovery at 590 kWh of electricity per ton

Fill in the table to answer the following:

How many tons were discarded, and what is the method by which solid waste is discarded?

How many tons were recovered, and what are the methods of recovery?

How many tons were burned, what was the method for producing electricity, and how much electricity was generated?

Discuss the positive and negative environmental impacts of eliminating one of the three endpoints.

Endpoint of municipal solid wasteTons (millions)Method
burned with energy recovered


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