Accounting Standards

Question 1

Topic: Propose a new process for the delivery of Pathology services in South Africa, based on the principles of Value Based Care. Quantify the potential financial outcomes of this in comparison to published costs. Can Value Based Care be implemented in the Pathology services in South Africa?

Topic Question: Can pick 1 of the 3:1.Can Value Based Care be implemented in the Pathology services in South Africa?2.Is it financially viable to introduced Value based care in the Pathology services in South Africa?3.Can a new value based system process be introduced in the pathology services in south Africa?

Question 2

You should produce a report that outlines the following

You are given an opportunity to invest in a foreign country. Please select a Malaysian made product/service and a country which you like to invest in. Give the reasoning behind. Your assignment must include in the supply and demand graph which explain the reason why you are investing. Please have an introduction, body and conclusion.

Question 3


Evaluate the circumstances that occur prior to the formation of a contract which may impair the validity of the contract. Illustrate with examples the legal implication of such contracts. Recommend the amendments that need to be done to Malaysian law relating to this issue.

[Total: 60 marks]

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