Abstract Concepts

Question 1

Which of these is a characteristic of an objective mode culture?

a)Knowledge is acquired through abstract concepts.

b)Understanding relies on insight and intuition.

c)Mental processing follows a nonlinear view.

d)Culture depends on imagination to seek patterns and connections.

Question 2 

Why was the queen of Hawaii deposed?

a)She was heavily indebted to the Dole Company.

b)She sought to raise tariffs on import products.

c)She wanted to restore Hawaiian sovereignty.

d)She threatened an armed revolt against American occupation.

Question 3 

According to Brad Reid, one’s moral compass expresses _______ virtues that generally trump a code of ethics.

a)common sense




Question 4

For the first sixteen years of Ben & Jerry’s operations, the ratio between the lowest paid employee to the highest paid top executive was 1 to





Question 5 

According to Egbert Schuurman, which statement is true regarding economic transactions prior to the Industrial Revolution?

a)Craft guilds and artisan associations avoided economic involvement.

b)Codes of conduct were considered vital to the social order.

c)The spread of new technologies balanced the social equation.

d)Economic transactions were an important aspect of social relations.

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