A Standard Alternator

1. If an alternator is being driven by a gasoline engine, how is the speed of the alternator’s rotor


A. By electronic controls

B. By a governor

C. By an exciter

D. By an amortisseur coil

2. What is the maximum temperature rating of Class F insulation?

A. 105° C

B. 130° C

C. 155° C

D. 180° C

3. How are series-connected alternators set up so that they run in synchronization?

A. They’re mechanically coupled.

B. They’re cross-phase connected.

C. They run from a single exciter.

D. They use reaction-type rotor fields.

Examination 43



Whichever method you use in submitting your exam

answers to the school, you must use the number above.

4. Which one of the following views shows the point where the coil cuts the minimum amount of flux?

5. A standard alternator would have ratings of

A. 500 kW and 500 V. C. 2250 kW and 3000 V.

B. 750 kW and 575 V. D. 10,000 kW and 13,800 V.

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