Advanced Health Informatics

Question 1

In relation to human factors, make recommendations for: (1) wireless connectivity with personal digital assistants (PDAs); (2) appropriate screen size for the monitor; (3) use of a mobile cart versus a bedside terminal/point of care; and (4) any other features you feel will be helpful to the medical staff.

Question 2

A minimum of 200 words is required, and they must be your own words. Including figures and quotes is value-added, but they will not count against your 200 word requirement.

Discussion Question 1:

Compare Hyper-V to virtualization offerings from Amazon, VMware, and Citrix, and others What are some of the differences?

Which solution would you recommend to a manager?

Question 3

Bring in an article about computing crimes which involves some types of litigation (legal action). This article cannot be before 2016.

Be prepared to:

1. Give a brief synopsis of the article.

2. Have a question prepared.

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